Picture resolution setting-chuanfeng printing factory

There are many ways to make design drafts for printing houses, one of which is to use photos as a part of the design, or directly use PS design and output it as a picture for application. This is actually a clever method. Many designers may not be able to operate AI, but their professionalism in other software or photography can allow him to complete the design independently by other methods, and convert it into a picture to apply on the knife mold.

However, when designing with this type of method, you must pay special attention to the “resolution (dpi)” of pictures and photos. The resolution is like the fineness of pictures and pictures. The lower the resolution setting, the more blurred the picture looks ; On the contrary, the higher the dpi setting is, the clearer it will be. However, in order to ensure the printing quality, general printing plants and color art venues will require at least 300dpi or even higher setting values, especially when printing plants make color boxes and gift boxes The product photos need to pay special attention to this problem.

Of course, the detailed setting values ​​will be slightly different according to different printing houses, but if you start shooting or making pictures, and the photo resolution is set to more than 300, you can effectively avoid the situation that it takes more time to make changes after it is dropped. Uh~
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