What is a special color? What is PANTONE

In some cases, in order to make the actual printing color consistent with the color of the design file or a bright color, special effects, such as: LOGO color, fluorescent color, gold and silver, etc., you must use It is not the CMYK color mixing setting, but the designated color must be called up by the printing house. And this kind of color swatches that need to use special inks, we are called “special colors (also known as spot colors)”. Among them, our common special color swatches are Pantone color swatches (Figure F).

However, not all printing plants will accept the printing of special colors, so when making manuscripts, special colors must be converted to CMYK color registration, but the cost of special colors will be higher than CMYK.
Take Chuan Feng as an example: we have two-color machine and four-color machine printing machine, so we can adjust the printing method flexibly to achieve the designated spot color that our customers need.

Each color (including CMYK) requires a printing plate, and each printing plate has its own edition fee. If you finally decide to use 8-color printing, you must also consider whether the edition fee of the 8-block version is within your cost considerations. Not only does it take time, it also affects the delivery time, so it is not worth the loss.

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